While Nintendo remains perfecting cranking out consistent titles for “mobile initiative”, they can relax if you know most likeyl have, Fire Emblem Heroes is earning them a lot of cash. The overall game based on the hit RPG franchise does well from the moment it launched in February of 2017. Also in the month of October, it did as well.

According to Sensor Tower, in October, Fire Emblem Heroes earned $17 million dollars. Considering there wasn’t any “major” events going on in that time, that’s rather impressive. As impressive is the reason that just in 2018 alone, Heroes has earned Nintendo $200 million dollars. Quite impressive indeed.

Now, some have noted how the $17 million is undoubtedly down from not long ago at the moment, but there’s a wrinkle here. For your requirements see, in October, another new title from Nintendo regarding the mobile front, Draglia Lost, premiered. Despite the fact that it a “slow” start, it had quite the month itself in October, earning a lot of money. Thus, lowering what Heroes did.

As for what’s next for Heroes, that could be a handful of new banners together with a new Tempest Trials. Employing December, Book Three in the main story launches.

In effect on Nintendo together with mobile initiative, that you will find Mario Kart Tour, which happens to be apparently still going to show up this “fiscal year”.

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