The month of December is still covered with?Super Smash Bros Epitome of numerous ways. Will be action was already released, fans were counting off the periods prior to title launched into the Nintendo Switch. But Nintendo didn’t stop it there. No, they revealed for that Game Awards a brand new character using the DLC content. Joker from Persona 5. Then as soon as the game released, reports started leak out in regards to the way good the journey was selling overseas in the UK and Japan.

And now, via Business Wire together with a website article from Nintendo, we’re able to officially claim that inside first 11 may even days since launch in the usa, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has sold 3 million copies. That’s right, 3 million, simply the america, forgetting Japan (who had sold 1.Two million inside first couple days) in addition to the UK (who noted that Ultimate was the fastest-selling Smash title…but didn’t give numbers).

So, as soon as you include that in general, the sales figure for Ultimate might be around 5 million sold, and this may just be in addition to that!

Ultimate is officially the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch title, and also fastest-selling Smash Bros title ever sold. And it’s only getting bigger, better, and more desired as the DLC characters keep getting announced.

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