Nintendo blew in the internet last Thursday above the Game Awards warms says the main DLC character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate definitely be Joker from Persona 5. The experience was one of the most popular titles in 2017, and won many awards. But, it had not experienced Nintendo Switch, making many wonder why Joker would likely live in Smash Bros Ultimate. Unless…the experience would definitely be arriving at Switch.

Granted, everyone thinks about the problem that this you’re able to do, but neither Nintendo, Atlus, or Sega is commenting on this. HOWEVER, Nintendo Soup is reporting a thief named Mystic Distance (who definitely are a writer for several sites, including many implementing Persona) has “sources” allowing them to are aware that Persona 5 is to be able to Switch, and definitely will find 2019 to your system.

Furthermore, the game play will either be released, or announced for Switch, when Joker is brought into Smash Bros Ultimate, making it into a sort of “dual deal” for a moment. But in accordance with Mystic Distance, this won’t become a standard port, for it’ll “contain modifications in motion picture game, additional aspects to your scenario” and “other wanted additions.”

Very interesting. Now again, this is a RUMOR, but it’s something which could indeed happen, in the event that Persona 5 does are able to Nintendo Switch alongside Joker, that’ll be just another big win for Nintendo in relation to Third party games.

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