The Game Awards started off in surprising fashion tonight by announcing a place premiere exclusive with Nintendo and Marvel. But what?game did they announce? Well, they revealed?Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3! And again, it’s Only at the Nintendo Switch!

For people that don’t remember, an innovative Ultimate Alliance games were on PS2 as well as systems, but it came up with Marvel Universe to look after a primary threat within a action-RPG setting. Cut costs had the Avengers and allies going up against the Masters of Evil, then an sequel brought the c’s to war through Civil War storyline.

Now,?Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 might be agreeing to a fit condition, with all the trailer revealing threats available since the Black Order, Sentinels, Sandman, and even more. And also the Marvel character roster for any game resembles it’s actually a great deal larger than before.

Update: Resembles Team Ninja is a developer about it title, with Nintendo publishing it.

After its announcement, Nintendo released an official synopsis for the title:

Some within the Nintendo team also spoke with regards to the collaboration:

This is often a major score to the Nintendo Switch, and it’ll get to 2019.

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