Nintendo hasn’t for ages been on the forefront of gaming, and quite often they miss some major and OBVIOUS advances that should’ve been in their systems. But often, they create up for this in the following generation greatly. Case and point, indie games. Despite Xbox and PlayStation having indie games regarding their systems for a few years, the Nintendo platforms haven’t always maintained, but it was simply because of the Nintendo Switch that they can went all in from it, and it’s paid fully. Designed for developers like Motion Twin, the behind the video game Dead Cells.

Since release, Dead Cells is to get lots of praise (including from us! Read our review!), along with the sales numbers seem like they actually well too. But on Switch, they’re apparently doing exceptionally well. This develops from your marketing team person Motion Twin, who talked with Destructoid at PAX West and noted the adventure on Switch is outselling the PS4 version at about 4-to-1. That’s insane.

However, that’s not extraordinary, the reality is, the Nintendo Switch could possibly be DOMINATING the indie market since launch. Likely because the consoles portability, that provides gamers the reason why to obtain more indie titles, but unpleasant, it’s working. And then the Switch’s versions of indie games like Dead Cells aren’t confined to beating one console, occasionally they’re drastically outselling Steam. Which if you happen to recall was Your home for indie games a long time ago.

So between console sales (at 20 million currently inside Eighteen months), software sales (nearly 100 million) it is best to these indie sales (so many variables to count), the Nintendo Switch is dominating industry at this point.

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