Super Smash Bros Ultimate is just not almost as much ast Eight weeks away, and Nintendo Switch owners are thrilled that individual things and characters earning it into the game. Well, it’s easy to add another character listed. Or maybe more accurately, a transformation of your character, for the special anime-only (until at a later time heats up was DLC) method of a specific Pokemon arrives Ultimate.

For folks that watched and love Pokemon XYZ (like I conducted), you’ll keep in mind that Ash’s Greninja wasn’t just epic, that it was special. It could get linked with Ash which includes a special level that allowed it to remodel into Ash-Greninja. Well, with a update within the Japanese Smash Bros Twitter handle, they confirmed that into their final Smash, Ash-Greninja looks.

While it is far from the main update for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it is really you can get a great deal of fans smiling. Including me.

The game arrives on December 7th.

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