Great news exited Nintendo Direct with the announcement that your beloved classic?Katamari Damacy is getting a remaster, dubbed Katamari Damacy Reroll. Originally releasing in 2004 for the Ps2, Katamari Damacy can be a puzzle game that follows the smallest green prince within his search to rebuild the celebrities with increasingly bizarre earthly objects. It’s among the weirdest and several memorable games in the Ps2 era, which is a welcome accessory for the Switch’s library.?

From the Nintendo Direct pr release:?

This news is kind of a bittersweet reminder that this extremely wonderfully unique franchise has slipped covering the cracks after some time; there hasn’t been the correct non-mobile Katamari game in numerous decades. Nonetheless, Damacy supports surprisingly well, and several enhanced graphics is deserving of this with an experience worth acquiring for Switch players. As well, I’ll be crossing my fingers for your personal PlayStation release.

Katamari Damacy Reroll arrives with regards to the Nintendo Switch digitally on November 30th;?an actual edition including a PC release comes December 7.?

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