When it discovered announced that?The whole world Ends On you Final Remix might be arriving for the Nintendo Switch, many were very excited. The main game around the Ds lite will be a cult classic and praised by critics and gamers alike. However, while praise, it’s only gotten ports with the 11 years since its release, including Final Remix on Switch. But still, Final Remix will feature new content the very first time with all the “New Day” scenario. But which don’t be all that’s offered…

For the fact is, Tetsuya Nomura, who labored upon versions within the game to be a Producer and Character Designer, is extremely indicating this Switch game won’t really do the end…but a first time. For over a special show in Japan, he noted this:

Is he teasing a sequel? An accurate sequel? It certainly appears that way, but certainly it’ll just depend upon how?The environment Ends For you Final Remix do with reference to Nintendo Turn on October 12th.

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