When?Octopath Traveler was revealed to everyone while in the old times together with the Nintendo Switch, nobody became sure what to label of it. It absolutely was from Square Enix and would have been a “2.5 HD” RPG, but what that meant exactly was unclear. But from the combination of videos and demos, the adventure received a good following. Thereby, once it gets hot released on July 13th with this year, the sport got a few praise and sales. Also in two weeks, Nintendo and Square Enix stated which the gaming had sold over One million units.

With this undeniable success, gamers have already been happy to analyse if Acquire (the in-house team of Square Enix that made the recording game) can make a sequel to?Octopath Traveler, despite we don’t have definite confirmation, we perform experience an inkling that they’re no less than preaching regarding this.

For Famitsu reports a speak with Square Enix’s Tomoya Asano, who noted this for the potential sequel:?”As for your sequel, we still cannot say anything concrete yet, but we’ve just started talks about it must be.”

Those which have finished all 8 storylines will take into account that there is teases for a sequel amongst people itself. So your potential is unquestionably there. You should check out our post on Octopath Traveler here, together with our Beginner’s Self-help self-help guide to the feeling.

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