Nintendo enjoys their secrecy…well, except on the subject of Super Smash Bros leaks, however, adding to that, they’re truly great about keeping secrets. Certainly one of their full capacity secrets that’s ongoing is just what legendary developer Retro Studios has taken good care of. They own released a title since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze to the Wii U, and also, since then, plus the announcement for the Switch, many wondered what their new game in your new system is going to be. Well, if rumors have to be believed, it may be a Star Fox game.

Now, that will usually fill us which includes a Lot of joy, merely because could revive the series in the Star Fox Zero has not been capable to, there’s a twist about this tale. For based upon rumors transported to both Eurogamer along with outlets, flick game are going to be a racing title. That’s right, a racing title, apparently a variety of Diddy Kong Racing into the N64 and F-Zero. Actually, a “logo” was “leaked” to the outlets too, give it a go.

To be clear, it is not confirmation of anything, however with multiple outlets hearing these rumors, we can’t deny the likelihood.

On a personal level, if this sounds Retro Studios next game, I’ll be hoping they’re taking care of nearly anything important. Since it shouldn’t include them Four years when making this title (Feb. 2014 was when Tropical Freeze released), inspite of the dimensions of and grand it truly is.

Either way though, we’ll should wait to see what’s transpiring here. Hopefully a Nintendo Direct or even the E3 2018 digital event they’ll hold can tell you what’s occurring.

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