During the “final” Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, Masahiro Sakurai retracted the curtain to your Adventure Way of the experience. It turned out usually called?An entire world of Light, and yes it would come with Smash Bros world (and universe) devastated simply by using a being called Galeem. Who besides took control of the whole world in a…snap…but he captured and “killed” all of the Smash Bros characters save for Kirby.

The epic trailer for Realm of Light was inside the various the Smash Bros trailer, and that really set a terrible for your Adventure Mode. But, it left many curious, would there be cutscenes this way while in the mode?

In interviews with Game Informer, a member of the Nintendo Treehouse, JC Rodrigo, said there’d be, but they will won’t ended up being the focus:

Still, this mode will likely be an existing, so will the many modes when Super Smash Bros Ultimate arrives on December 7th!

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