The eagerly anticipated remake of Metroid II is creeping closer and even closer its release date of September 15 to the Nintendo 3DS and boy, Metroid fans are ecstatic. Metroid: Samus Returns may be the first 2D sidescroller within the series that we’ve seen since Zero Mission in 2004.

Series producer, Yoshio Sakamoto, spoke to Game Informer with regards to the expansion of Metroid: Samus Returns and talks on the possibility of making another 2D adventure, but that relies on the achievements Samus Returns to the 3DS.

“Through enhancing Metroid: Samus Returns, I’d been in the position to really grasp the possibility and fun of any 2D Metroid. Like as i finished the main game, if you have another possiblity to make another Metroid, that could be something that I would personally enjoy doing. Of course, that ultimately is dependent upon exactly how much people really need to buy a 2D Metroid.”

Since it’s been 13 years, It is suggested purchasing Metroid: Samus Returns if you need to view future titles produce a go back to the 2D-style gameplay that Metroid originated. Come on, man, the Metroid Prime series is rad and everything but unlike the classic 2D games with backtracking as well as the cool power-ups.

Metroid: Samus Returns launches for any 3DS on September 15 in United states and Europe.


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