During Disney’s online game presentation during D23 today, Square Enix and Disney finally allow the cat from the bag as to if we might count on seeing Kingdom Hearts 3. We can expect to find out it during 2018, if all goes well.

That wasn’t really the only amount of information shared throughout the show, as we got a massive glimpse within the Toy Story-themed world that Sora, Donald and Goofy shall be exploring in-game. It’s a lush, fantastic-looking world where all the characters appear to have got a toy-tastic makeover, with blocky joints and faces. Somehow the Heartless make their distance to life, and there’s a new original storyline to look combined with the Toy Story-themed world with new toys, Keyblades, and more.

You can see each of the action inside the trailer by using Square Enix below. It’s not been dubbed just yet, but it should supply you with plenty of delicious Kingdom Hearts-based morsels to tide you over until 2018, which still sounds like a terrible period of time to possible until we can easily invest ourselves once again inside the narrative-rich arena of keyblades and Heartless.



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