Agents of Mayhem, Deep Silver and Volition’s upcoming Saints Row-like multiplayer shooter, recently welcomed new characters towards the team. Within the new “Firing Squad” trailer, assassins Scheherazade and Oni join the group and also Pierce Washington. Yes, that Pierce.

Each obtain own moment the center of attention during the latest trailer, with the newest trailer Deep Silver has offered up some facts about the method for you to teleport around amongst gamers, into and out of combat. You’ll be able to swap between different agents already out on the battlefield like this, similar to you possibly can swap in tag team partners in games like Marvel vs. Capcom or maybe the like. When you need you to definitely heal then one to experience as, that’s a plan in the years ahead as you can just let some of the best agents get fighting fit whilst you tear apart their competitors.

Agents of Mayhem looks zany enough because it is, if you are being following it it is advisable to mark your calendar for August 15 in The united states simply because it arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It might not be as good as Saints Row: The final, but we need to hope it retains an ample amount of that game’s signature humor. Luckily it looks like it’s intending to deliver that in droves, so it’s the gameplay and the rest of the content we’ve to think about until it drops later this fall.


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