A quarter or so ago, in China, legislation was passed that required any game that has random loot drops to post the possibilities of getting drops in many rarities. As soon as the outcome was published, it led many to wonder if these odds were precisely the same in any regions, or perhaps if they had been unique to China. Currently, these odds have finally been published in Korea, too, giving us more clarity.

The Korean odds for drops in Blizzard’s games are identical to China’s – meaning the way it is is just about the same worldwide. The statistics Blizzard have given are for their games with ‘loot box’ style micro-transactions, not simply Overwatch, that is the one people manage to value the best today. The possibilities are (for Invenglobal):


– Each card packs will have at least one card of Rare or older rarity.

– Approximately one out of every five card packs may have a tome card.

– Approximately one out of every twenty card packs will have a Legendary card.

* Odds of getting a card with higher rarity raises for every single card pack that didn’t offer an Epic or Legendary card.

Heroes on the Storm

– One Loot Chest will contain approximately 2.9 Common items.

– One Loot Chest contains approximately 1 Rare item.

– Approximately one in every 4.5 Loot Chest will contain a tome item.

– Approximately one inch every 17.5 Loot Chest will contain popular item.

* Probabilities of higher rarity items increases for any Loot Chest that didn’t contain war and peace or Legendary item.

* This doesn’t pertain to Loot Chests from events, progression system and rerolls.


– Each Loot Box will have at least one item of Rare if not more rarity.

– Approximately one out of every 5.5 Loot Box should have war and peace item.

– Approximately one out of every 13.5 Loot Box have a Legendary item.

As you will find, it feels like Hearthstone is a stingiest with regards to their loot drops, using a legendary looking at only around One inch 20 card packs. Overwatch’s system is the kindest, giving legendaries the most frequently; this is often seen in-game, too; when looting, players have reported seeing much more legendary drops in Overwatch in comparison to other games.

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