Telltale Games’ excellent The Wolf Of us is certainly one of the developers’ best with regards to creative storytelling, but i am left wanting a new season for quite some times. This indicates we might be seeing some type of announcement away from New york Comic Con once it heats up launches this week, if the tweet from Telltale Games is any suggestion.

Telltale Games posted a tweet nevertheless there’s news coming recently within the con, and it’s also a fairly normal post. Make use of expect many methods from this unique game in the future than me, and there’s nothing secret here. What’s interesting is that Bixby’s voice actor, Adam Harrington, retweeted the tweet a couple days after that it was posted. All signs Harrington’s Twitter usage, he doesn’t often post personal updates, this could signal something big incidentally within the Wolf In our midst. It’s not concrete at this time or anything, but slightly friendly conjecture never hurt anyone.

News coming recently during #SDCC… ??

– Telltale Games (@telltalegames) July 15, 2017

Sneaky, sneaky. Nevertheless it could mean the latest project is on its way which Harrington may star in as getting some new storyline out from Telltale Games. Nothing’s beyond doubt at this time, though the bingo would probably take advantage of sense.

The Wolf Amongst us debuted in 2013, so it is about time we come across returning to everything about Fables, especially since it’s San diego, ca Comic Con, in the end, the perfect place for this kind of content to blossom. Hopefully we’ll find out soon, so we won’t have got to wait long to leap into the enchanted an entire world of The Wolf In our midst. It’s been excessively long, and there are quite a few favorite anecdotes to check out.


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