You’d think a Lord on the Rings MMO would feature Mordor, the dreaded playing field of Sauron, prominently. However, years after release God of the Rings On the web is just now defining it as there. The sixth expansion for that MMO will introduce the lands of Mordor, a ton of new quests, a new race, a whole new allegiance system, plus much more if it releases on July 31.

The new allegiance system will allow players to pledge to just one of two factions that will be seeking to reclaim Mordor. According to which faction you finally choose, you’ll get different quests, gear, and bonuses. On your path into Mordor is definitely the deepest seen yet, high are no longer 300 quests that require everywhere in the forsaken land.

With God, the father on the Rings, Online Mordor expansion players will receive a chance to play since the new High Elf race. These immortal beings offers their wisdom and strength to combat the forces of darkness and powerful allies.

However, gain access to High Elves, you’ll must choose the Collector’s Edition for $79.99 or The Ultimate Fan Bundle for $129.99. In case you simply want accessibility to the Mordor expansion and a level boost item to level a character for being ready to your new quests, you can get the usual Edition for $39.99.


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