During the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Event back January a different manga titled Final Fantasy: Lost Strangers was announced. The actual first chapter on the manga has been released over on Crunchyroll, which you could read at the moment free of charge. The main chapter is made of 79 pages.

The story within the manga probably isn’t quite what everybody was expecting, nonetheless it seems like a neat concept nonetheless. Here’s some with the series, “”Scoring a position at Square Enix, Sasaki Shogo’s think of producing a Final Fantasy game finally seems within his grasp! But after he starts, he quickly discovers that the work has nothing with regards to his favorite franchise at all- disillusioned, his enthusiasm for FF begins waning despite his sister / co-worker Yuko’s attempts to lift his spirits. Their conversation is cut short, though, whenever a runaway truck suddenly careens toward the pair of them-! When Shogo reaches, the very first thing he sees is-a Moogle?”

At this aspect there’s no date for an additional chapter of Final Fantasy: Lost Stranger, but we’ll ensure that you update you once everything is announced or released.

What you think of Lost Stranger’s story setup? Inform us down within the comments below.


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