Looking to obtain your Dragon Ball Z on next season with Dragon Ball FighterZ? It’s the nearest to the anime that any game has managed to get to this point, and its latest trailer introducing Trunks flaunts more like might know about can anticipate to discover from the game. We first learned about Trunks joining the cast in June, however right now you’re ready see what he’s created from.

Vegeta’s son is as a very good beast as his father, which he showcases as part of his Capsule Corp. jacket and Future Trunks getup while schooling Frieza, Cell, and dear old Dad. Seriously, one doesn’t wanna wreak havoc on this half-Saiyan.

If you do wanna confuse him, there’s a closed beta on the agenda which is exposed to individuals who have signed up beginning July 26 and definately will feature nine characters. Get you in with that so if instead have not already.

The game previously introduced Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Cell, Frieza and Majin Buu at the same time, with Trunks in the role of the newest addition. You will see him action inside the 45-second trailer below, which reminds us that Dragon Ball FighterZ isn’t due out until early 2018. Similar to the end of the year, early 2018 is shaping as many as be pretty awesome. What character do you think you’re wondering about gaining in Dragon Ball FighterZ?


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