Mega Maker has released, and download it how to begin making your very own Mega Man levels. This level designer works much like Nintendo’s Mario Maker and give users the many tools they should generate a classic 8-bit era Mega Man stage. You best understand quick too, because it’s DMCA bait.

You get a wide variety of assets in making your levels, as well as gui is clean, intuitive, and to use. If you’ve ever produced a quantity in Super Mario Maker, then you’ll be familiar with just how Mega Maker works. If you haven’t had experience with Nintendo’s level-builder, there’s a terrific tutorial where Dr. Wily and Dr. Light instruct you on how to change this design tools.

As from the initial 1.0 release Mega Maker has:

  • 46 enemies
  • 29 level objects
  • 12 bosses
  • 24 special weapons
  • 40 backgrounds
  • 129 tilesets
  • 63 music tracks

A great number of these assets are clones of them in Mega Man 1-6, so when you design a level well, it will eventually look indistinguishable through the genuine thing. However, on the subject of DMCAs, imitation isn’t the sincerest sort of flattery, and given the reputation fan projects like Mega Maker being turn off, I’m surprised they will achieved release with out a cease and desist.

Barring a lawsuit by Capcom, the behind Mega Maker promises to continue development. There’ll be bug patches, and new assets and has added in the future. Also, the necessary paperwork has internet capabilities, so you can upload your levels for some to experience. Hopefully, the servers are able to keep up and we could get some awesome fan made stages to think about.


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