Following the recent Doomfist hype, the official Tekken 7 Twitter account will quickly participate in to the fun. Only recently, they posted a side-by-side image of the Overwatch character wearing his Irin skin and Jack-7. “Everyone knows Jack could be the original Doomfist! #TekkenVSOverwatch,”?the Tweet reads.

We see whatever you did there, @PlayOverwatch Everyone knows Jack is definitely the original Doomfist! #TekkenVSOverwatch

— TEKKEN 7 (@TEKKEN) July 14, 2017

The new Offense hero is actually a unique addition the cast as his kit mainly requires physical attacks with him to be the close same in principle as a fighting game character in a third-person shooter.?Blizzard apparently decided to employ this an opportunity to put in some quirky references to his various cosmetics.

Aside in the Tekken 7, Polygon?shares that his sprays likewise have other sorts of cool Easter Eggs. One spray referred to as “Move List” is actually an order input that you’ll find in just about any fighter game. Then again, another spray called “Punch?” alludes into the young boy wearing a cast that had been featured during the game’s initial cinematic trailer.

It’s worth noting that Blizzard has sneaked in a few other references using the other characters in the technology race. Most of these little Happy easter ! are also offered through similar stuff like voice lines or sprays.

Those who wish to play Doomfist can download up to date Overwatch PTR patch for any PC. Meanwhile, you can attempt Jack-7 in Tekken 7 on my pc, PS4, and Xbox One.


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