Nippon Ichi heroine Asagi is finally getting her very own game as Makai Wars was officially re-announced for iOS and Android. As outlined by Gematsu, this simulation RPG will star Asagi Asagiri who may have been a recurring character in various games like Disgaea, Phantom Brave, The Guided Fate Paradox, Zettai Hero Project, and Soul Nomad along with the World Eaters.

Because in this, Asagi is now something of the unofficial mascot for Nippon Ichi caused by her many cameo appearances. ?Fittingly enough, her upcoming title is supposedly a mix involving the Disgaea and Yuru Dorashiru games, as well as feature a new character designs.

Makai Wars wars originally announced to be a PSP game instruction online 2004 before it was re-announced at Tokyo Game Show 2005 being a PS3 title. Subsequently, Nippon Ichi Software has barely mentioned the sport with many believing rrt had been ultimately canceled.

Despite the initial announcement, they’ve already yet to show the production date for any game. Check out the promotional image below:


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