Deck13 Interactive just announced that they’ll release a free playable demo for any Surge on consoles and PC monday. They didn’t provide some other specifics of the demo itself, but we’re guessing that newcomers might be in the position to test the game’s first tutorial stage.

The Surge is usually a third-person action RPG, and it’s widely widely known as a Souls-like title. The sport make use of similar concepts like losing any xp upon dying twice, and respawning enemies after you rest at the checkpoint. The video game develops in the distant future Earth, and our protagonist is tasked with discovering just what went wrong in the workplace when many of the machines start malfunctioning and attacking a persons beings.

While we did enjoy our time while using the game overall, we think that Deck13 definitely needs a ways to go before they’ll truly perfect and refine the Souls-like formula inside their games.

The Surge currently is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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