A Halo movie has elevated the works best for for a decade, as well as at one thing Jackson was slated to get producer and Neill Blomkamp was set to direct. That didn’t figure out though, and that we still haven’t seen a Halo movie in theaters. After a Reddit AMA Blomkamp says he previously enjoy being portion of a Halo project sooner or later though if Microsoft asks.

Besides being connected to the untitled movie, Blomkamp also directed the Halo: Landfall live-action video footage series promoting Halo 3. While Landfall been found well, Microsoft, unfortunately, hasn’t had Blomkamp operate on anything ever since then.

In the Reddit AMA Blomkamp stated:

“I like HALO. still. Even so appear a poor status turning existing franchises into films. Haha, Will i love the earth? Master Chief? Reach, the colonies, the flood, the covenant? YES. Am I going to finally end up directing each as world? Not likely – meaning nobody is asking me…. Although, I have to admit if Microsoft asked to perform another batch of pieces like LANDFALL now, I would say yes. Inside OATS that might be awesome actually.”

Whether the show are likely to get made remains to be up in air. There’s additionally a TV show that Microsoft was reportedly implementing with Steven Spielberg which we haven’t found out about inside of a reasonable length of time. Seeing what Blomkamp’s Oats Studios short film company?could utilize the franchise will be interesting though.


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