The D23 Expo, that is certainly Disney’s major fan event, also is a cause of new and exciting announcements being subtracted from the foremost logo and all-around household name. One major focus from the event was the reveal of brand new images for Transformers based parts of both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. And every one of this before D23 has officially begun!

It’s no secret that The exorcist may have a lot of land committed to it while in the two major parks. Don’t just have there been storm troopers on parade considering that the company acquired The exorcist from Lucasfilms, but it really was announced in the past in such a galaxy that plans were being developed. But a number of images display the developing attractions, and boy do they look mighty fine.

Lightspeed to #D23Expo! Create a first look for the Disney Parks and Resorts pavilion:

— Disney D23 (@DisneyD23) July 14, 2017

The model just for this The exorcist themed expansion of the park isn’t just being displayed at D23, but attendees should be able to walk through sections of it. When you want to spot the landscape that makes up this Alien land, don’t rack the human brain for far too long. This model is dependent on a never-before-seen planet. However, it’s all to easy to spot several familiar crafts, the Millennium?Falcon being one.

More info is likely to be delievered to Star Wars fans over the weekend once D23 actually commences. Fo the time being, understand that the plans for both Disneyland and Disney should be to have their new sections open in 2019.

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