Blizzard is focused to improve the punishes Overwatch players who hurt the knowledge for other players. The developer hasn’t shared any details yet, but Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan posted for the game’s official forum that updates to the game’s punishment system are coming and will be revealed soon.

Kaplan’s post entered respond to a gambler who questioned why the developer bothers silencing players whorrrre reported by other players, expressing a belief that trolls planning to ruin the feeling aren’t deterred by Blizzard muting them. You, who’s almost definitely one of many on this mindset, really wants to see Blizzard invest a harsher line of justice than muting individuals who run afoul of a good esportsmanship.

Kaplan jumped in to explain that Blizzard has stopped the technique of muting reported players possesses something different inside the functions address the trolls. “There’s a simple post coming about updates to your punishment system just around the corner,” wrote Kaplan.

In item getting off the silent treatment punishment, Blizzard also recently began punishing players who leave competitive matches early by docking them experience points and temporarily restricting them from utilizing matchmaking.


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