Nidhogg 2, sequel to the original two-player side-scroller in 2014, has finally gotten a confirmed release date coming later september on Aug. 15.

News came technique of a PlayStation Writing from Mark Essen, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Nidhogg and Nidhogg 2’s development studio Messhof Games. Inside short article vehicles mentions the main difference in looks Nidhogg 2 has when compared with its predecessor, saying, “I was proud of an original Nidhogg’s visual style, but that’s not to say we weren’t slightly astonished at how the chunky, featureless pixels were received. We had been pushing the bounds of old-school aesthetics, in any case.” On this occasion, Messhof is going for more detail and 2D independently animated limbs to get more detailed fluid motions as compared to the original’s easier and straightforward design.

The content only mentions the confirmed release date for PS4, however GameSpot confirmed having a Messhof representative that this Aug. 15 date applies to laptop release too.

Pre-orders will start on July 18 for the platforms. Nidhogg 2 offers single and multiplayer combat, with all the goal being to access lack of on the map while stabbing anybody that dares to go into your path. Both online and local co-op are supported, with as much as eight players in a position to battle versus eachother in tournaments.


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