The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game can be a majestic one with several awesome-looking cards, but if you’re anything like me you are able to barely obtain them anywhere to buy, let alone have fun with or collect. To that end, the point that there’s now a special Western Championship tournament along the way seems interesting, especially as these cards don’t seem like very acquireable in addition to online purchases.

Square Enix recently announced the 1st inagural Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Opus Series North American Championship, abbreviated as FFTCG. Players from the United States and Canada will duke against eachother with their favorite decks with the possible opportunity to represent America within a special FFTCG World Finals event later during. Then, four semifinalists beyond that will get a special vacation to Tokyo to complete your FFTCG World Finals after they launch this November.

You can buy tickets now to participate in the tournament, which will be found at the Hilton La Airport Hotel in Chicago both September 16 and September 17 later in 2010. Therefore, if you’ve somehow finagled your own deck and multiple cards to construct alternate ones with, you can attempt your talent against ample other players nationally the chance to win it. Now find the right could join up, so ensure you register and buy tickets!


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