Depending on who you consult, virtual reality and augmented understanding either the future of gaming in terms 3D was in the ’90s or perhaps a passing fad, (other form of) 3D would have been a three years or so ago. The majority of the industry’s biggest players have as a minimum dipped a toe in to the VR AR world, and a slew of indies and companies that weren’t previously even considered perhaps the industry are exploring approaches to push VR and AR forward.

And then there’s Microsoft. It’s not really the corporation isn’t doing anything, though, it’s greater than no-one outside Redmond is really quite sure what the something it’s doing is. In a brief interview with GameSpot, Microsoft Game Studios General Manager Dave McCarthy attempted to clear things up a little bit, explaining that Microsoft’s focus in this realm is simply more on PC than Xbox.

“Our focus today is admittedly for apple space,” McCarthy said. “And we all have a look at Windows 10, there are an open ecosystem for developers. There are a large installed base of half a billion monthly active devices on Windows 10. And then we declare that appears like the proper area of focus currently [for VR/AR].”

McCarthy also added a place that’s painfully obvious to anyone who’s followed VR with a passing interest: it’s got yet to receive its first “killer experience.” While there are actually VR games that had been positively received, none were so impressive regarding sell an extensive audience about the proven fact that virtual reality gaming is very your immediate future. But while VR aficionados could possibly be thinking about that reality, McCarthy doesn’t seem too upset about that.

“I’d say developers are finding their technique to define the killer experience there, which is effective in this aspect rolling around in its evolution overall,” he stated. “We know inside it enough we’ve some of our first-party studios actually concentrating on content for that Windows 10 devices. We’ll convey more to discuss later at the moment with that.”

Microsoft in 2009 announced a partnership with many companies to build up some VR headsets for PC. And in 2015, the organization announced Hololens, an AR headset that were nothing otherwise futuristic.

Xbox One X, an upgraded Xbox One that is presumably powerful enough to run high-quality VR experiences, remains scheduled to file for in November.


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