Overwatch hero Roadhog has hit a primary roadblock within the meta after his recent nerf, and not to cover that the dive composition is starting to become a preferred composition in competitive play lately. The tank character can’t cone shot squishy heroes anymore as they can still survive even though he hooks them. Many fans weren’t too pleased about his changes and have absolutely been requesting Blizzard to do something about it.

Luckily, Overwatch principal designer Geoff Goodman has shed some light of what Blizzard does together with the hero. Posting about the game’s official forums, he claimed they are already performing some internal tests for Roadhog.

“We’re testing some stuff internally for Roadhog. The focus of changes we’re trying are around his defenses, rather then his offensive capabilities. Whilst the hook combo is weaker now they can still dish out plenty of damage total. If he some more survivability he previously be in a better place.”

With with that being said, Blizzard might any current plans of returning his one shot glory days. However, it appears as though they’re endeavoring to try out his defenses so he could be preserved longer to the battlefield and meet his class being a tank. It’s worth talking about that Roadhog will be the only Overwatch tank it does not get initial shields or armor but compensates for doing this along with his self-healing ability.

For now, fans will simply have to wait for further news upon which Blizzard intentions to make use of the hero. Those who choose to play Overwatch can grab a replica with the PC, PS4, or Xbox One.


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