Just today, the Pokemon Company released an incredibly very strange teaser today on his or her Japanese Youtube channel. The recording shows too much weird extraterrestrial stuff that’s happened before Pokemon games. You will notice Deoxys, Celebi, the Unown, the distortion world from Platinum, and footage from HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Thanks to your translation from Polygon, the playback quality is titled “Pokemon Mystery File: A World of Pokemon you don’t know.” The Japanese text that happens through the video equals: “Are these claims the perfect opportunity slip? Would it be manipulating time? It got their start in the Moo? Could it be space virus? Is that this an encounter with aliens?”

We don’t figure out what the heck is taking place from Pokemon HQ, but something weird is surely above internet marketing announced. If you ever visit the mysterious website, a day for July 19 is present, with “coming soon” right under it.

Is it a new game? Is it any creepy side-story going to Sun and Moon as downloadable content? Exactly what do everyone think this may be? Contact us inside comments below.


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