LawBreakers could be the upcoming arena shooter from Boss Key Studios, the expansion team formed by Cliff Bleszinski (of Gears of War fame). The experience was recently announced to become advancing towards the PS4 after previously being unveiled as PC exclusive. Naturally, while using game making its excess of to consoles, some started wondering should LawBreakers would find its solution to other platforms, namely the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Sitting down with Gamingbolt, lead designer for LawBreakers Dan Nanni answered an issue with regards to the challenges the would face if you have to port the experience over, but it all dropped to controllers. According to Nanni, porting within the game towards the PS4 ended “literally by way of the skin of our own teeth.” The shortage of inputs at a DualShock 4 compared to a full mouse and keyboard setup was really a serious problem, but they also triumphed about that. Seeing as how the PS4 and Xbox One share a lot of games, Nanni pointed out that it’s an easy task to make LawBreakers work with Microsoft’s home console also by some means. However when considering the Nintendo Switch, countless overweight people have be an issue.

According to Nanni, “But if you’re looking at the Switch the camp controller that’s for the unit, no have as much buttons.” Yet, we’re not entirely sure how that is definitely. The Nitnendo Switch Controller, whether your taking a look at a Joy-Con pair (which comes when using the console) as well as the usual Pro Controller, gets the same number of buttons because the Xbox One Controller. In fact, there are one more considering that it also has a screenshot button.

It’s correct that there could be other, very valid causes of why LawBreakers won’t (and possibly can’t) make its excess of to Nintendo’s latest console, but after counting the buttons on each of our controllers, we’re fairly positive it won’t be for lack buttons.

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