In a discussion with IGN, legendary game designer Warren Spector stated which he isn’t serious about AAA gaming. When inquired on the existing state of gaming development today when compared to the nineties, Spector known becoming “usual, usual, with prettier pictures”.

Spector suggested how the costs of production and pressure to create revenue have led to a stagnation in creativity. He cited the independent game development scene when the only bastion of creativity and mentioned which had been his only interest at gaming conventions such as GDC. Cuphead was referenced as a particularly promising example.

According to Spector, just the indie scene has improved in the past decade, where developers have the option make use of a lot of avenues in making their dream games.

Warren Spector may be the mastermind behind the Deus Ex game, which is hailed as a seminal, genre-defining?FPS/RPG.

IGN Unfiltered should have more coverage with their exclusive interview with Spector within the coming week.


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