One Piece has quite the collection of online games to accompany the incredibly successful and seemingly never-ending anime series that debuted almost 2 decades ago. Now, One Piece fans have two more games to look toward?and one more reason to take into consideration investing in PlayStation VR.

Japan’s Weekly Jump magazine says two brand new one Piece?games are presently in development. While there wasn’t much more info provided, every single upcoming One Piece titles have rather interesting?spins in it when comparing previous titles-or a minimum of, developers hope they both do anyway. The primary game’s hook is clear. One Piece: Grand Cruise?would be the first VR One Piece game as it prepares to create?its option to?PlayStation VR. What precisely a VR One Piece game entails, however, isn’t clear. Playboy published screenshots that suggest ship exploration has to be a major factor on the game. We have seen?some speculation which the game will essentially certainly be a opportinity for players to activate with crew members over the ship while keeping focused simply on exploration. We’re certainly hoping?that searching a vessel just small section of just what game can provide. Whilst the gimmick-heavy feeling that accompanies many VR games is definitely not new,?a full game?dedicated to doing your research a ship from a popular anime just seems simply too underwhelming. Especially?the fact that that One Piece actually has some great games included in the collection.

As with the second title that could be inside the works, it truly is shrouded in far more mystery than the VR title and it also includes much larger, loftier promises. The next game, which is with the codename Dawn, will allegedly be an “unprecedented” experience for fans of your One Piece series. The video game?is worked tirelessly on by Bandai Namco,?Shueisha, and Toei Animation who will be all doing work in collaboration so that the setting and music from your anime are exposed to life with this game. Hitting the ground with game as an extremely large project?has?us wondering if Dawn may turn to often be a massive open world One Piece game. It’s an excellent far-fetched idea considering just in 2009 One Piece game series producer?Koji Nakajima mentioned open world games during an interview with Siliconera.?When asked where he sees the game series going next, Nakajima?answered, “There is absolutely no specific insurance policy for your next title but what I personally think is that with the PS4 and Xbox One we have now powerful hardware and also Exercise like open world games.”

Perhaps this “unprecedented” new game will?finally drop us in the midst of a comprehensive, complex open world adventure with Luffy as well as gang? Who knows. For the time being, fans need to wait other days until much more information are revealed through the Tokyo One Piece Tower event on July 22. Case will allow visitors to play a demo form of the upcoming VR title but we have seen no promises of the first look in the second “unprecedented” game.

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