Square Enix and Deck Nine Games came at Gamescom with trailer for any first episode of Life’s Strange: Prior to Storm. Featuring the latest track Burn It Down by Daughter, truth be told. You should check out the trailer for your own benefit directly below. However, do observe that a clip does feature a fair bit of recent footage that wasn’t shown at E3, so disappear for those who don’t wish to be potentially spoiled.

As expected, the trailer puts a lot of consentrate on Rachel and Chloe’s relationship, and just how Chloe is addressing the decline of her father and Max leaving for Seattle. We come across a good number of returning faces like Joyce and Chloe’s soon-to-be stepfather David. Now over time, Chloe still is apparently a student at Blackwell, so it should be fun to determine how she interacts when using the other students there.

Life Is Strange: Prior to the Storm episode you are set to be removed for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 31.

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