Last week, ARK: Survival Evolved co-creative director Jeremy Stieglitz shared newer and more effective details and knowledge for the console versions from the game. Based on Stieglitz, the video game can run at either 30 or 60 first person shooter around the Xbox One, while using option to toggle between different resolutions and frame rates.

However, when asked perhaps the game will support cross-play forwards and backwards consoles, Stieglitz mentioned that although they do develop the technology and resources to back up that have, it won’t trouble the adventure. Based on him, Sony “won’t so it can gain,” as you have seen from his tweet below.

We get it working internally, but currently Sony won't to allow it ??

— Jeremy Stieglitz (@arkjeremy) August 18, 2017

This isn’t the only thing that surprising, since Sony had also blocked cross-platform play for Minecraft between the PS4 along with platforms much like the Xbox One, Switch, and PC. It doesn’t appear like this company is going to be adjusting their stance for this issue in the near future, so players will only have to put up.

ARK: Survival Evolved is anticpated to be released on consoles and PC on August 29.

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