Materia Collective, the Seattle-based music publisher, has released SPIRA: Music From Final Fantasy X. It’s a significant rearrangement album featuring interesting remixes from the wonderful music of Final Fantasy X. The truth is, it’s a really large collection that it’s been divided into two parts: the Besaid Mix, plus the Zanarkand Mix. You should check out an attractive musical preview below.

The album can be a?large-scale collaboration featuring the talents of multiple musicians and fans of Final Fantasy music, including certain names from OverClocked Remix. The remixed tracks span a number of genres, including jazz, acoustic, electronic, and rock.

‘”The?Final Fantasy X?soundtrack already boasts a number of variations over a few common themes,” note project organizers Joe Chen and Emily McMillan. “We needed to make a listening experience where it didn’t find that you’re playing ‘Hymn on the Fayths’ 20 times uninterruptedly, so that all of our artists aimed some thing new with their track. Including, some artists arranged within a unfamiliar style, whilst others incorporated unique instrumentation. Because of this, both?SPIRA?albums re-frame the classic themes from?Final Fantasy X?with a fresh perspective.”‘

SPIRA: Music From Final Fantasy X is currently on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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