Monolith Soft has just opened a new recruitment page on their website as they are hiring for just a brand spanking new game. When they haven’t shared the finer specifics of their game, it’s “an ambitious project which will be different from what Monolith Soft has made in the past” and they’re in search of people who can “handle an issue.”

Gematsu?offers the translation for that roles this company wishes to fill:

Design: Character modeler, Map modeler, In-game animator, Technical artist, Main character designer, Concept Artist

Programmer: Character Control Programmer (Action Part), SystemFramework Programmer

Planner: Planner (Action Part)

Management / Support: Project Manager

That aside, Monolith Soft has shared a couple of artwork on the game they’re implementing. Through the images alone, it seems like they’re leaning towards a huge fantasy RPG and that is extra different than the Xenoblade Chronicles series. Right now, the firm has yet to note any platforms and story details, but we’ll help keep you updated as you go along. Investigate concept images below:


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